Il Mondragone

Title: Il Mondragone

Available online: 14 July 1866 – 1 January 1928 (174 issues)

Il Mondragone is a magazine printed by the Jesuit College Mondragone, whose building is today the main campus of the Università di Tor Vergata (Rome). The periodical was officially presented to the student community in 1866; the first handwritten copy is preserved in the archives. During the school year all boarders and their families were constantly updated on the latest news thanks to a school journal ‘Il Mondragone’ edited by the students themselves. For more information, you can read the short article by Dr. Maria Macchi on Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus website. (1906 – 1953; 174 volumes; Italian) 

This collection is available thanks to the collaboration with the Archives of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

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